Lukas Klein

Python and Django developer. Docker enthusiast. This is my blog.

About me

I’m Lukas, a developer and student based in Munster, Germany.

Work Experience

Product Gang - Berlin, Germany

2012 - current — Developer & Co-Founder

Co-Founded the Product Gang to turn visionaries’ great ideas into even better crafted and implemented products that are ready to go live or to pitch to investors. I focus on everything related to the actual development and server setup / administration.

Some of the projects we’ve done:

We’ve managed their infrastructure as well as maintained their website. Some of the sub-projects I’ve worked on include building a realtime chat system based on Firebase and social stream aggregators for special events. We are also responsible for their mobile apps (iOS and Android), of which the iOS one was featured worldwide in the Apple AppStore.

Media Management System

In compliance with Boiler Room’s special needs, we have built a custom media management and -publishing system that allows them to transcode, serve and publish audio and video files. For the server infrastructure we incorporated Docker, Packer, Redis, RabbitMQ and the DigitalOcean API to create an auto-scaling system that scales with the files being transcoded.

Radio stations

We have built host dashboards for multiple German radio stations as well as a web- and mobile radio player for one of Germany’s biggest radio stations.

Splash!Mag Moment of Truth

For the second year in a row we have built the voting system for Splash!Mag’s Moment of Truth competition using Django.

Publishing network

We’re responsible for the infrastructure of Germany’s largest financial publishing network. In addition to maintaining existing software and servers, we are also building several microservices based on Python / Django and Docker.

Datasift - Reading, United Kingdom

2012 — Intern

During my time at DataSift one of the projects I have developed was a tool to track and analyse the impact of popular influencers on the sharing velocity of news articles in social media. I used the opportunity to dive deeper into realtime technologies such as Node.js, Redis, websockets and frontend visualisations using D3.js.

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SAP - Walldorf, Germany

2012 — Intern

I used my time at SAP to familiarise with how such a huge organisation works and how workflows and processes in the IT security department work in practice. I was given the chance to get deeper insights into how ISO/IEC certifications work, how policies are designed and enforced and what a security audit for large-scale corporate applications looks like.

Peppmedien - Bottrop, Germany

2012 — Web Developer

I’ve been working for Peppmedien, a local webdesign business.

Smokeylemon - New Plymouth, New Zealand

2011 - 2012 — Web Developer

During my stay in New Zealand I’ve been working for Smokeylemon, creating beautiful websites for their clients.

Netzkommune - Düsseldorf, Germany

2010 - 2011 — Web Developer

In 2010 and 2011 I coded some websites and other web-based tools for them, mostly during my holidays.

Mc Bauchemie - Bottrop, Germany

2007 - 2009 — Internship and several vacation jobs

After completing an internship in the IT-department I did two vacation jobs. I helped with managing the company’s network and programmed some scripts.